Altered book!

In my book making class (which is my favourite class right now) our assignment for the next two weeks  is to make an altered book.

So I went shopping in the local used-book store and I bought an old thick how-to-garden book. I wanted the first part of the book to be used as a journal, so I have been painting and pasting and stamping all over the first 20 or so pages to make them beautiful and give them enough blank space to be written on.

I am making this book for my mummy, she has been so excited to start a gardening this year, last summer we where so busy getting situated in our new house that there wasn’t enough time in the summer to start a garden! So she has already started seedlings and now all of our windows have tables in front of them for the seedlings to get some sunlight.

Here are some pages from the journal I have been working on.



Oh and did I mention what the other 3/4 of the book is going to be? I am going to cut through each page a rectangle that will make a box within the book that will be just big enough to put seed packages in! If that doesn’t make sense I will have pictures by next week.

So 1/4  journal,  3/4 secret compartment!

Thanks for reading!


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