What a great Christmas break!

So much has happened since my last post, Christmas, and New Years and everything in between!

I got a new camera! That was my major present. So I took some pictures of our lovely supper at my Grandmothers. Perfect, as always.

The food is not on the table yet but our full meal consisted of, pink salad ( cranberries marshmallows and a few other ingredients.) Turkey, gravy, turnip puff, potatoes, squash, peas, and even more. Delicious as always.

This is a picture of opening presents at my Boyfriends house after he and his family got home from visiting their relatives.

All the girls in matching PJ’s! We played some games had lots of fun! It was a PJ day all day long!

In other news we had some problems with our chickens over the holidays, one evening while feeding the chickens my mom discovered that one of our chickens feet where swollen.   she did some research and found that she had bumble foot. The next morning we spread a tarp down on the kitchen floor, and brought that chicken inside soaked it in Epsom saltsand water  for 15- 20 minutesthan picked at the scab with a small pair of scissors hoping to relieve the feet of some of the infection, we put on some peroxide and bandaged her up.

She had it on both feet, very badly. We checked all of the other chickens two more of them have it but only on one foot each and we caught it early for them.

So every second day this has been our routine, soaking chickens. But it is better that it happened over Christmas break, otherwise it would be a lot harder to handle during the normal busy-ness of the school year.

In the last week we have seen an improvement in their feet. Also the chickens that have been brought inside and been all doctored up are much more willing to be caught than they where before.

This past Monday my mom held a stitch and bitch at our house (Also any recommendations for a better name? Stitch and Bitch holds to much negativity.)

Nancy a friend of my moms bought all of us a ball of Noro yarn and brought a pattern  http://wisehilda.blogspot.com/2011/01/scarf-for-spring-sekku-herringbone.html  This is it.

So I have already been knitting for about 8 hours and this is how much I have

Its about 6 inches long right now, but I changed the pattern slightly, I used a bit bigger yarn and I reduced the number of stitches to 52, my needle size is 3.75 mm.  I have never done a project this small or lacy, I can do cables but this is my first lacy project I am so happy with it I really recommend giving it a try!

And that’s my little post, I am going to go back to knitting I hope to have atleast half a scarf by the time I go back to school on Monday!


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