Lots of art!

I had a great artistic weekend! First stop Clay cafe with my handsome boyfriend Andrew, we made 5 teaspoons and actually we just picked them up today they look great! We used a glaze that changes colours after it hasbeen fired, so they where a great big surprise.

In the evening him and I peeled a whole bunch of crayons for one of my school projects. The objective was to create a work of art that was uncontrolled, for an example; attaching paintbrushes to the low branches of a will tree and let the wind make the marks on a canvas bellow.

We melted crayons and put shattered glass in it. The original idea was… well we wanted to have the glass stay on top and then we where going to cover the piece (that was suppose to stay flat like a painting on canvas instead of bow like it did) and then we where going to cover it in black sand so that the crayons would only be visible through the shards of glass… it was quite the vision. But a lot changed and the sand didn’t work and the glass sunk, and then on my way to school one of pieces broke. We did it twice.

So  I sat down at the kitchen and broke apart the pieces and sorted them by dangerous and not dangerous (pieces with glass sticking out, or pieces with the glass firmly in the crayons) and later I will make something better with it.

…and after cleaning up the crayon mess it was nice to relax and play a little Catan.

and play with my sweet bunnies!

Today I was so excited to hear that a project made by a fellow classmate was not being claimed, she didn’t want it, which is kind of sad. But I love this piece, since I saw it when she brought it in to 2D Design class to be marked. Nadia El-khoury is the Artist behind this piece and it will be very loved in my home. I am loving school, I have realized in the last little while that I have learned to think differently I am inspired easily and I can draw a path between what I want and how I will make it to the final product. Since I am in 3D design now instead of 2D I want to make more work that is functional and has a purpose, rather than just artwork on a wall. (which is functional to some degree but I am running out of wall space in my room… and I don’t have a house of my own yet. )

 I have project ideas that I am so excited to document and write about on here new techniques to be tried.


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