Blanket weaving!

I finally finished setting up that blanket!

I thought that I was going to want to work on it over the Christmas Break but on the contrary I just wanted to relax and I didn’t touch my loom once! So I am back to school and already my loom is ┬áset up and I have started weaving.

It took me 70 minutes to make my warp

3 hours and 45 min to set it up and I have already been weaving for 45 minutes.

So 5 h and 10 min on this blanket, not to bad! Now I just have to weave.


Because I am using such thick yarn these diamonds are huge! They are probably about an inch wide each, maybe even a little more.


Soon I will be posting pictures from my book making class, my photography class, and my graphic design class. This is going to be such a wicked semester! I love being an Art student!



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