So many projects so little time to blog!

I have not been able to spend very much time blogging this past semester my classes have kept me pretty busy.
I would like to share some of the things I did over the semester and I will also be continuing my blog over the summer with projects and ideas and new lessons learned.
These are a pair of earrings and a necklace piece that I designed and cut myself out of a 2 in copper square. I added texture to them and oxidized them after this photo was taken.   I was able to make these in my Metal works and Jewelry class. We will be starting our sterling silver Byzantine bracelets tomorrow.
This is a silk scarf that I hand painted and once it dried I was able to silk screen a pattern of my design onto it.
Here is a picture from my portfolio of the finished product.
In my drawing class this year we have done a lot more work with a nude model unfortunately those drawings are still being marked and I didn’t take pictures of them. However in the last few weeks we have been working with inks and this is a self portrait of an object that represents me.
Andrew, (my boyfriend of 2 years as of tomorrow!) and I and help from our siblings built a rock wall in his backyard. We had to nail boards to an already existing 15-20 foot tall tree house-structure, and then place the rocks that he got as a set for his last years birthday.
We like to keep things safe, all the equipment required!
In other exciting news my mom, my sister and I drove out of town 45 minutes to pick up and bring home six new baby chicks about a month ago. Two bufforpingtons and four barred rocks
I also did some spinning with my brand new jumbo flyer!
Soy silk and merino wool.
Tonight there is a gallery opening at my school for the textiles studio. Alas I will not be in it because I am still not quite a fiber arts student.
Oh and I finally got that blanket off of my loom 🙂 You remember the diamond pattern one.
That is all for now! But there is more to come!

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