Yarn Yarn Yarn!

This is not the top of a clown wig this is my merino wool roving in the dye pot!

While at the Craft College yesterday, I asked one of the Textiles instructors how they got so much variety in their colours because mine usually bleed into one another. She told me to put less water in the dye pot and then the dyes wont have very many places to go.

So I tried it and it came out beautiful!

I died about 8 ounces and I have been carding it and spinning it most of this morning.

The colours are very easter-y, pinks and yellows, light greens! They will be made into tall socks soon.


A few weeks ago I returned to my old High School to do a spinning and weaving on a table loom demonstration. One of the girls, Cait Gautron really fell in love with the rhythm of weaving she sent me an e-mail and asked if I would be able to show her how to set up a table loom if she borrowed one from the school. So this Saturday she arrived at 9 o’clock and we did weaving boot camp! She made a warp we got everything set up and strung through with (happily) no major mistakes and now after 4 hours she has just started weaving!

She chose very pretty yarn, it looks excellent together!




3 responses to “Yarn Yarn Yarn!

  1. I never really knew how much time it took to do all this! Dying your own yarn, how fascinating! Do the colors come out by luck or can you handle it where you can get deeper colors or more pastel colors and so on? Either way, great post! =)

    • Well so far I am not very trained in dyeing yarn. Next year I will be taking a course full of mathematics that will help me to get exactly the results I want each time. So I have only experimented, I know that the more acidic the dye solution is (The more vinegar you add) the more vibrant the colours become. Also I use acid dyes, that only work on animal fiber, and the coolest thing about them is that I know my wool is completely done soaking when the water turns clear! Once it is clear it is completely safe to pour down the drain.
      But right now my wool comes out as a surprise, and that is really fun!
      Thanks for your comment 🙂

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