Finally a chance to blog!

This is the first Wednesday in nearly 8 weeks that it has not either been a snow day, or filled with appointments and day plans! I only have 1 class Wednesday morning and then I am free to come home and do homework, and usually at the end of it all… blog! But I this is the first time this semester I have been able to come right home and sit down and get some work done. I have been so busy that blanket is still on my loom from over a month ago! ( It matches the colours of my living room so nicely it looks like it is suppose to be there)

Well we started drawing a nude model in drawing class, but I don’t have any pictures of my work yet. At first it was shocking and strange but only for about 30 seconds. Now she is coming in once every two weeks and we get to apply skills we learn on the weeks in between to the human figure.

Last week we did a subtractive drapery study

And in my Graphic design class we had to make kind of a collage that represented ourselves on photo shop

This is what I did the first week.

And here was the final product.  The picture is slightly off because this was a picture of the computer screen, the file was to big for me to email it to myself.

Well I have more but I need an entire other post for my creative process project!


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