Creative process, Variations on a theme.

In my creative process class three weeks ago we had to pick an object and bring it in, I brought a pottery coffee cup I made myself. Then we had to make a mind map of the object and last class we had to use that mind map to help us figure out what we could make based on that object it could be a painting motif, or  it could be a design for a gallery installment.

We had to do some drawing of our object to get acquainted with it, and learn our object.

And then a Mind map.

Here is mine:

okay coffee cup, alright my coffee cup,  what do I want?

I want something functional, what is functional about this coffee cup?

Well it hold something, it holds liquid…

materials that hold liquid?

Materials that don’t hold liquid.

What is the shape of this cup?

Fat at the bottom and slender at the top, its not quite semetrical.

The colour scheme…. salmon, green, blue, green, white.

Okay the teacher just showed us a slide about a basket, I could make a paper mache basket in the same shape as this coffee cup.

NO! Even better…. YARN. I can FELT a functional vessel with the same colours as my cup.

Wait I don’t know how to felt…..


*buys felting magazine as well*

okay so lets do a trial run…

*Dyes the wool*

This is what I came up with for my sample.

And that is my coffee cup.

And these are the rest of the colours I dyed for the end product.

And after a few more hours of work I finished with this.

I knitted up the top to create more a a cup shape and finished top. The top is something I need to work on if I felt a vessel again.

It is not quite what I had in mind but it is close, I imagined it looking JUST like the cup, but you can tell they are related, this was a successful project, for a felting beginner!


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