A new semester!

So far I am two weeks in and I just love all of my classes.

I am in book making, but I don’t have any good pictures to share, but so far I have learned how to do two different book bindings. The set up of the course is pretty much, make a book in class, then go home and make a more creative version for homework.

In my drawing class we will have a live nude model next week but so far we have just been practicing gesture, and contour line drawings.

Here is a picture of some rugged old boots.

This is a tea pot of my mother’s, and it has a indent on the bottom,

it looks like it was hit of something. It was fairly hard to portray without

shading, but it is there on purpose.

 My other classes are Creative Process, where I will be making a portfolio to use to apply for next year.

3D Design, need I say more?

History and History tutorial from 1600- present

and then I have two media classes, right now I am taking Photography and Graphic Design. This Friday I will be developing an picture in the dark room. I am very excited!


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