Angora mittens

I have not posted in a while! It is close to Christmas and I have been working more hours and wrapping presents buying presents, making presents.

A present that I have been working on my own are a beautiful pair of hand sheared, hand spun, hand knit mittens!

This is a pictures of me shearing one of my beautiful lilac angora’s. She is so calm she just sits and waits. This was my first time shearing my rabbits and I got enough to make two mittens.

It was so interesting to spin because it is very slippery, but angora is 6 or 7times warmer than sheep’s wool and my hands where just sweating while I was spinning it. After I filled a bobbin I navaho plied it.

Any way that is my Christmas knitting for ya! It has snowed here and I can’t wait to get outside and play in it, so I am going to go.

Have a merry Christmas every one!


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One response to “Angora mittens

  1. That is quite interesting, talk about starting from scratch – wow! merry chrisnas

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