So many projects so little time to blog!

I have not been able to spend very much time blogging this past semester my classes have kept me pretty busy.
I would like to share some of the things I did over the semester and I will also be continuing my blog over the summer with projects and ideas and new lessons learned.
These are a pair of earrings and a necklace piece that I designed and cut myself out of a 2 in copper square. I added texture to them and oxidized them after this photo was taken.   I was able to make these in my Metal works and Jewelry class. We will be starting our sterling silver Byzantine bracelets tomorrow.
This is a silk scarf that I hand painted and once it dried I was able to silk screen a pattern of my design onto it.
Here is a picture from my portfolio of the finished product.
In my drawing class this year we have done a lot more work with a nude model unfortunately those drawings are still being marked and I didn’t take pictures of them. However in the last few weeks we have been working with inks and this is a self portrait of an object that represents me.
Andrew, (my boyfriend of 2 years as of tomorrow!) and I and help from our siblings built a rock wall in his backyard. We had to nail boards to an already existing 15-20 foot tall tree house-structure, and then place the rocks that he got as a set for his last years birthday.
We like to keep things safe, all the equipment required!
In other exciting news my mom, my sister and I drove out of town 45 minutes to pick up and bring home six new baby chicks about a month ago. Two bufforpingtons and four barred rocks
I also did some spinning with my brand new jumbo flyer!
Soy silk and merino wool.
Tonight there is a gallery opening at my school for the textiles studio. Alas I will not be in it because I am still not quite a fiber arts student.
Oh and I finally got that blanket off of my loom 🙂 You remember the diamond pattern one.
That is all for now! But there is more to come!

Altered book!

In my book making class (which is my favourite class right now) our assignment for the next two weeks  is to make an altered book.

So I went shopping in the local used-book store and I bought an old thick how-to-garden book. I wanted the first part of the book to be used as a journal, so I have been painting and pasting and stamping all over the first 20 or so pages to make them beautiful and give them enough blank space to be written on.

I am making this book for my mummy, she has been so excited to start a gardening this year, last summer we where so busy getting situated in our new house that there wasn’t enough time in the summer to start a garden! So she has already started seedlings and now all of our windows have tables in front of them for the seedlings to get some sunlight.

Here are some pages from the journal I have been working on.



Oh and did I mention what the other 3/4 of the book is going to be? I am going to cut through each page a rectangle that will make a box within the book that will be just big enough to put seed packages in! If that doesn’t make sense I will have pictures by next week.

So 1/4  journal,  3/4 secret compartment!

Thanks for reading!

Yarn Yarn Yarn!

This is not the top of a clown wig this is my merino wool roving in the dye pot!

While at the Craft College yesterday, I asked one of the Textiles instructors how they got so much variety in their colours because mine usually bleed into one another. She told me to put less water in the dye pot and then the dyes wont have very many places to go.

So I tried it and it came out beautiful!

I died about 8 ounces and I have been carding it and spinning it most of this morning.

The colours are very easter-y, pinks and yellows, light greens! They will be made into tall socks soon.


A few weeks ago I returned to my old High School to do a spinning and weaving on a table loom demonstration. One of the girls, Cait Gautron really fell in love with the rhythm of weaving she sent me an e-mail and asked if I would be able to show her how to set up a table loom if she borrowed one from the school. So this Saturday she arrived at 9 o’clock and we did weaving boot camp! She made a warp we got everything set up and strung through with (happily) no major mistakes and now after 4 hours she has just started weaving!

She chose very pretty yarn, it looks excellent together!



Creative process, Variations on a theme.

In my creative process class three weeks ago we had to pick an object and bring it in, I brought a pottery coffee cup I made myself. Then we had to make a mind map of the object and last class we had to use that mind map to help us figure out what we could make based on that object it could be a painting motif, or  it could be a design for a gallery installment.

We had to do some drawing of our object to get acquainted with it, and learn our object.

And then a Mind map.

Here is mine:

okay coffee cup, alright my coffee cup,  what do I want?

I want something functional, what is functional about this coffee cup?

Well it hold something, it holds liquid…

materials that hold liquid?

Materials that don’t hold liquid.

What is the shape of this cup?

Fat at the bottom and slender at the top, its not quite semetrical.

The colour scheme…. salmon, green, blue, green, white.

Okay the teacher just showed us a slide about a basket, I could make a paper mache basket in the same shape as this coffee cup.

NO! Even better…. YARN. I can FELT a functional vessel with the same colours as my cup.

Wait I don’t know how to felt…..


*buys felting magazine as well*

okay so lets do a trial run…

*Dyes the wool*

This is what I came up with for my sample.

And that is my coffee cup.

And these are the rest of the colours I dyed for the end product.

And after a few more hours of work I finished with this.

I knitted up the top to create more a a cup shape and finished top. The top is something I need to work on if I felt a vessel again.

It is not quite what I had in mind but it is close, I imagined it looking JUST like the cup, but you can tell they are related, this was a successful project, for a felting beginner!

Finally a chance to blog!

This is the first Wednesday in nearly 8 weeks that it has not either been a snow day, or filled with appointments and day plans! I only have 1 class Wednesday morning and then I am free to come home and do homework, and usually at the end of it all… blog! But I this is the first time this semester I have been able to come right home and sit down and get some work done. I have been so busy that blanket is still on my loom from over a month ago! ( It matches the colours of my living room so nicely it looks like it is suppose to be there)

Well we started drawing a nude model in drawing class, but I don’t have any pictures of my work yet. At first it was shocking and strange but only for about 30 seconds. Now she is coming in once every two weeks and we get to apply skills we learn on the weeks in between to the human figure.

Last week we did a subtractive drapery study

And in my Graphic design class we had to make kind of a collage that represented ourselves on photo shop

This is what I did the first week.

And here was the final product.  The picture is slightly off because this was a picture of the computer screen, the file was to big for me to email it to myself.

Well I have more but I need an entire other post for my creative process project!

Lots of art!

I had a great artistic weekend! First stop Clay cafe with my handsome boyfriend Andrew, we made 5 teaspoons and actually we just picked them up today they look great! We used a glaze that changes colours after it hasbeen fired, so they where a great big surprise.

In the evening him and I peeled a whole bunch of crayons for one of my school projects. The objective was to create a work of art that was uncontrolled, for an example; attaching paintbrushes to the low branches of a will tree and let the wind make the marks on a canvas bellow.

We melted crayons and put shattered glass in it. The original idea was… well we wanted to have the glass stay on top and then we where going to cover the piece (that was suppose to stay flat like a painting on canvas instead of bow like it did) and then we where going to cover it in black sand so that the crayons would only be visible through the shards of glass… it was quite the vision. But a lot changed and the sand didn’t work and the glass sunk, and then on my way to school one of pieces broke. We did it twice.

So  I sat down at the kitchen and broke apart the pieces and sorted them by dangerous and not dangerous (pieces with glass sticking out, or pieces with the glass firmly in the crayons) and later I will make something better with it.

…and after cleaning up the crayon mess it was nice to relax and play a little Catan.

and play with my sweet bunnies!

Today I was so excited to hear that a project made by a fellow classmate was not being claimed, she didn’t want it, which is kind of sad. But I love this piece, since I saw it when she brought it in to 2D Design class to be marked. Nadia El-khoury is the Artist behind this piece and it will be very loved in my home. I am loving school, I have realized in the last little while that I have learned to think differently I am inspired easily and I can draw a path between what I want and how I will make it to the final product. Since I am in 3D design now instead of 2D I want to make more work that is functional and has a purpose, rather than just artwork on a wall. (which is functional to some degree but I am running out of wall space in my room… and I don’t have a house of my own yet. )

 I have project ideas that I am so excited to document and write about on here new techniques to be tried.

A new semester!

So far I am two weeks in and I just love all of my classes.

I am in book making, but I don’t have any good pictures to share, but so far I have learned how to do two different book bindings. The set up of the course is pretty much, make a book in class, then go home and make a more creative version for homework.

In my drawing class we will have a live nude model next week but so far we have just been practicing gesture, and contour line drawings.

Here is a picture of some rugged old boots.

This is a tea pot of my mother’s, and it has a indent on the bottom,

it looks like it was hit of something. It was fairly hard to portray without

shading, but it is there on purpose.

 My other classes are Creative Process, where I will be making a portfolio to use to apply for next year.

3D Design, need I say more?

History and History tutorial from 1600- present

and then I have two media classes, right now I am taking Photography and Graphic Design. This Friday I will be developing an picture in the dark room. I am very excited!

Blanket weaving!

I finally finished setting up that blanket!

I thought that I was going to want to work on it over the Christmas Break but on the contrary I just wanted to relax and I didn’t touch my loom once! So I am back to school and already my loom is  set up and I have started weaving.

It took me 70 minutes to make my warp

3 hours and 45 min to set it up and I have already been weaving for 45 minutes.

So 5 h and 10 min on this blanket, not to bad! Now I just have to weave.


Because I am using such thick yarn these diamonds are huge! They are probably about an inch wide each, maybe even a little more.


Soon I will be posting pictures from my book making class, my photography class, and my graphic design class. This is going to be such a wicked semester! I love being an Art student!


What a great Christmas break!

So much has happened since my last post, Christmas, and New Years and everything in between!

I got a new camera! That was my major present. So I took some pictures of our lovely supper at my Grandmothers. Perfect, as always.

The food is not on the table yet but our full meal consisted of, pink salad ( cranberries marshmallows and a few other ingredients.) Turkey, gravy, turnip puff, potatoes, squash, peas, and even more. Delicious as always.

This is a picture of opening presents at my Boyfriends house after he and his family got home from visiting their relatives.

All the girls in matching PJ’s! We played some games had lots of fun! It was a PJ day all day long!

In other news we had some problems with our chickens over the holidays, one evening while feeding the chickens my mom discovered that one of our chickens feet where swollen.   she did some research and found that she had bumble foot. The next morning we spread a tarp down on the kitchen floor, and brought that chicken inside soaked it in Epsom saltsand water  for 15- 20 minutesthan picked at the scab with a small pair of scissors hoping to relieve the feet of some of the infection, we put on some peroxide and bandaged her up.

She had it on both feet, very badly. We checked all of the other chickens two more of them have it but only on one foot each and we caught it early for them.

So every second day this has been our routine, soaking chickens. But it is better that it happened over Christmas break, otherwise it would be a lot harder to handle during the normal busy-ness of the school year.

In the last week we have seen an improvement in their feet. Also the chickens that have been brought inside and been all doctored up are much more willing to be caught than they where before.

This past Monday my mom held a stitch and bitch at our house (Also any recommendations for a better name? Stitch and Bitch holds to much negativity.)

Nancy a friend of my moms bought all of us a ball of Noro yarn and brought a pattern  This is it.

So I have already been knitting for about 8 hours and this is how much I have

Its about 6 inches long right now, but I changed the pattern slightly, I used a bit bigger yarn and I reduced the number of stitches to 52, my needle size is 3.75 mm.  I have never done a project this small or lacy, I can do cables but this is my first lacy project I am so happy with it I really recommend giving it a try!

And that’s my little post, I am going to go back to knitting I hope to have atleast half a scarf by the time I go back to school on Monday!

Angora mittens

I have not posted in a while! It is close to Christmas and I have been working more hours and wrapping presents buying presents, making presents.

A present that I have been working on my own are a beautiful pair of hand sheared, hand spun, hand knit mittens!

This is a pictures of me shearing one of my beautiful lilac angora’s. She is so calm she just sits and waits. This was my first time shearing my rabbits and I got enough to make two mittens.

It was so interesting to spin because it is very slippery, but angora is 6 or 7times warmer than sheep’s wool and my hands where just sweating while I was spinning it. After I filled a bobbin I navaho plied it.

Any way that is my Christmas knitting for ya! It has snowed here and I can’t wait to get outside and play in it, so I am going to go.

Have a merry Christmas every one!

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